Updates on: Olmsted County Vibrancy, Quality of Life, Age Friendliness, Medical Examiner County Results


A Vibrant Community Where Everyone Thrives:

Olmsted’s Strategic Plan

Over the last 18 months the county examined where the county is currently and how the county can improve. Input into this process was provided by county representatives, our community partners and members of the community.  The objective of this exercise was to develop a shared vision for the future and strategic plan to follow.  For more information and how to comment on the plans go to:  https://www.olmstedcounty.gov/government/county-news-events/press-releases/olmsted-county-releases-new-multi-year-strategic-plan

Next Generation Green Energy

The future of the Minnesota climate sustainability will depend on green energy.  I support Olmsted looking to the future to use the Olmsted Waste to Energy Facility (OWEF) to make Hydrogen.  The process of making Hydrogen is electrolysis; it only requires water and electricity.  A byproduct of the OWEF is steam which produces about 9 Megawatts of electricity.  The Board listened to an analysis of the Hydrogen process presented by Power to X Analytics, LLC, regarding the OWEF and how we can use the electricity being generated to make hydrogen.  Olmsted is a long way from this process but it is good that the Board is looking to the future and considering climate sustainable practices.  Hydrogen is a fuel that is 100% green.  It can be used as fuel by itself or combined with Natural gas.  It can also be used to make fertilizer or other products. Oxygen is also produced in the electrolysis process which is a product that can also be captured and sold.

Olmsted’s Legislative priority is a $17.5 million ask for bonding to expand the use of the OWEF.  Part of the bonding is for planning for the Next Generation Green Energy.  If Olmsted receives the bonding money planning will take place over the next 3-5 years to make advances toward the de-carbonization of the facility. Hydrogen may be one of the outcomes of the plan.

Looking for Emotional Support or Community Resources

Olmsted County Public Health has launched a program to provide a guide to Community Resources.  “CredibleMind: The One-Stop Shop for Mental Wellbeing Resources” was launched about six months ago and continues to improve as community resources are added to the extensive bank of resources.  It is a self-guided and confidential resource.  Anyone can access the program at olmstedcounty.crediblemind.com

Olmsted County recognized as a Certified Age Friendly Employer™

Olmsted County proudly announces its designation as a Certified Age Friendly Employer™ by the Age Friendly Institute. This distinction recognizes Olmsted County’s commitment to fostering an inclusive and supportive work environment for individuals 50 and above.

For more information go to:  https://www.olmstedcounty.gov/government/county-news-events/county-news/olmsted-county-recognized-certified-age-friendly-employertm?utm_content=&utm_medium=email&utm_name=&utm_source=govdelivery&utm_term=

Olmsted County Community Indicators

Indicators of Quality of Life

  • Olmsted has grown 14.2% since the 2010 census faster than Minnesota and USA:
    164,787 (2023)
  • Olmsted has a slightly younger population compared to Minnesota and USA
  • 13.1% (up from 11% in 2021) of Olmsted’s population are foreign-born; 44.3% have become naturalized US citizens.  94.9% of county residents are US citizens which is higher than the national average of 93.4%
  • Per capita average/mean individual income is $49,031 which is 8.9% higher than Minnesota
  • Olmsted’s Median Household income: $90,420; $84,313 Minnesota; $75,149 USA
  • Poverty:  7.9% Olmsted; 11.5% USA
  • Unemployment Rate: 2.6% Olmsted (most recent statistic)
  • Olmsted has a higher labor force participation rate than Minnesota and USA
  • Crime: Crime in 2022 was down in almost all categories compared to 2021
  • Olmsted had more days with healthy air quality compared to state and national rates

For more information go to:  https://www.olmstedcounty.gov/sites/default/files/2023-01/OC%20Community%20Indicators%202022%20Report.pdf

Olmsted County Medical Examiner Report

On April 16 the County Board heard the Medical Examiner’s Report.  Here are some of the key points of the 2022 statistics:

  • Total Deaths:  2,269
  • The leading cause of death by natural causes was cancer (about 500)
  • The second highest cause of death by natural causes was cardiac (about 460)
  • Most Deaths by Unnatural Causes were due to a fall (about 150)
  • Most falls occurred at the person’s residence
  • Accidental Drug overdoses/poisoning (about 45) was second to falls
  • The illicit drug associated with most accidental deaths is Fentanyl
  • 2023 saw fewer deaths due to overdoses than 2022
  • Homicides were down: 2023 (4); 2022 (7)
  • Deaths from Vehicle Crashes: 2023 (24); 2022 (32)

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