Updates on: Home Sales, Olmsted Solar Field, Waste to Energy Facility, Kalmar Township Landfill, Watershed Management Program, and Property Taxes


In Honor of Alex Trebec, the Jeopardy Host, Here is the Answer: $331,249.  What is the Question?

What is the average sold price of a Single Family Home in Rochester so far in 2021?

(This statistic is provided by Jim Minor, Broker/Realtor License 711263)


Olmsted Solar Field  

The Olmsted County Solar Field is a 1 Megawatt system.  It should generate around 1,300 Megawatt hours annually or 1,300,000 Kilowatt hours.  The Field should be connected to the electrical grid late spring or early summer.  I supported the use of the land and installation of this system.  (I apologize for the sound on the video, I recorded it when the wind was blowing hard.)


OWEF Virtual Tour 

The Waste to Energy facility is a unique facility that uses garbage as a resource.  It is a facility that saves the county lots of waste disposal money, protects our ground water by keeping garbage out of landfills, and produces electricity and steam for our county buildings that helps keep property taxes low.  You can now take a virtual tour of the Olmsted Waste-to-Energy Facility.  The OWEF partnered with Quarry Hill to create the tour.  For a limited time you can view it now:  go to:



Only 100,000 Cubic Yards Left

The Landfill in Kalmar Township is reaching its current maximum for Construction and Demolition waste.  The county will consider several options to address the problems which includes a small expansion of the current disposal area which would be projected to last 3-5 more years (additional 100,000 cubic yards) at a cost of $150,000.  Also, the County will consider adjusting the disposal rate to cover the cost of the next landfill pit and be more competitive with other disposal sites in the region.  Additionally, the County will consider rules which will encourage better recycling of construction waste to reduce the amount of material going into the landfill.


Greater Zumbro Comprehensive Watershed Management Plan

Olmsted County Soil and Water is participating in developing the Zumbro One Watershed One Plan.  The 1W1P is a joint powers board of several counties in which the Zumbro Watershed covers.  The 1W1P is a regional effort to in insure that the Zumbro Watershed is free from erosion and pollutants to maintain the surface water quality as well as the purity of the groundwater in the Zumbro Watershed.  The Draft plan will be released for a 60-day review period soon.  A GIS (Geographic Information System) Storymap and public input survey has been created to help the planning group review the public’s input and move to the implementation phase.  I support our county’s participation in the Zumbro 1W1P.   To learn more and review the plan go to:  https://storymaps.arcgis.com/collections/76fd41614a9243d28084e115f7f040c0

(Also please be aware that Olmsted is also on the Board of the Root River 1W1P Board)


Property Tax Relief

The County Board extended the May 17, 2021, deadline for the first half payment of 2021 property taxes to July 15, 2021.  No penalties will be applied for the late payment of property taxes until after July 15, 2021.  This does not apply to property taxes paid by escrow.  Olmsted County encourages all businesses and property to owners that are able to make their first half payments by May 17.  I supported the extension of the deadline for those who are having difficulty meeting the May 17 deadline.

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