COVID Vaccine Rollout & Availability, Law Library Use, Redistricting, and Olmsted County Wellness Event


Covid Vaccine Availability

The Covid Vaccine is becoming more available.  The vaccines have now been supplied to most pharmacies.  If you have not received a vaccine, in addition to the other lists on which you have registered, please also check with pharmacies in your area.


Law Library

Olmsted County maintains and funds a Law Library that is available for use by the public.  The Law Library collaborates with Legal Assistance of Olmsted County (LAOC to provide free, brief legal advice clinics to self-representing litigants who live in Olmsted County.  The Law Librarians cannot give legal advice or interpretation of the law.  The law clinics can be helpful in filling in gaps of information.  Clinics are offered in areas including Family Law (divorce legal separation, annulment, custody, child support, and adoption); Financial (real estate/mortgage foreclosure, debt-related law suits, garnishments); and Criminal Expungement.  The law library and collaboration with LAOC assists low-income residents a minimum level of resources to understand the law and legal procedings.  Currently the law library is closed because of COVID but patrons can still contact the librarians by distance.  More information on the Law Library and contact information can be found on the Olmsted County Website:

4,115:  The number of people who contacted the Law Library for information or attended one of the clinics in 2020.  This was down from the 6,358 number in 2019 because of COVID.

Top 5:  The top five topics the public researches at the Law Library:

  • Divorce
  • Custody/visitation
  • IFP (fee waiver information)
  • Name Changes
  • Conciliation Court.


45% !

As of April 6, 2021, 45% of age 16+ population in Olmsted has received at least one dose of vaccine.  Of the 65+ age group, 88% has been vaccinated.  Of the 50 – 64 age group 60% has been vaccinated.  People 16 and above are now eligible to seek appointments for vaccinations.



When the County receives the census information the process of determining city wards and eventually county districts will begin.  County Planning provides the population statistics to the City so they can begin the process.  The County Districts are the last to be determined.  All the factors as outlined by the laws governing the process will be observed and information will be available for the public to review and comment.  As of April 6, 2021, the census information has not been provided to the County.


“We Are Water”

The Olmsted County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) is collaboration with other partners to promote the “We Are Water” exhibit so people can learn about local and state water issues.

There is an exhibit on display at the Rochester Art Center through May 9.  There are 400 kits that can be used by individuals and families to learn about water resources.  The kits are available at the Rochester Public Library and the Rochester Art Center.  You can reserve a kit at  There are a limited number of kits.


Property, Records, and Licensing:  Land Notification Alerts

Olmsted County property owners can enroll to receive alerts whenever any document is recorded on their property.  This is an effort by PRL to protect property owners from fraudulent and harmful activities.  This a free service but property owners must sign up for services.  For more information see:


Public Health Wellness Event

Olmsted Public Health, Minnesota Extension Office and 125 Live will sponsor a health fair for anyone 65 and older.

April 25, 2:00 – 4:00PM at 125 Live

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