The 2019 Olmsted County Property Tax Levy

Olmsted County - 10 Years of Property Tax Levy
 The 2019 County Levy is $103,217,647.  This represents a 4.9% or $4,821,415 increase from the 2018 levy.  The County’s property tax base has grown over the past year by about 1.75%.  Therefore the Levy will be spread out over many more properties.  The estimated net effect (because of the growth of new properties) on the “average” property will be 3.15%.

The chart bellows shows two things: the dollar increase in property taxes since 2010 and the Levy adjusted for inflation since 2010.  Note that when the levy is adjust for inflation that there has been only a slight increase over inflation.

A significant portion of the County’s programs and services is mandated by the State or Federal government.   A study done by Ramsey County determined that more than 85% of their county’s budget was required to pay for the cost of programs and services mandated by the State or Federal government.

Olmsted County funds programs to provide housing for low-income county residents.  The HRA property tax was increased.  It will provide an additional $750,000.

The chart below shows the approximate financial impact on county residents.  It combines the County and HRA (housing) property tax.

Low-income homeowners and renters may receive a property tax refund which reduces the impact of property taxes and assists them with their family budgets.  The chart below shows the average refunds that were paid to residents in 2017.


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  1. James Rentz | January 6, 2019 at 5:04 pm |

    Commissioner Wright,

    Your explanation looks quite clear and understandable. Do you have any idea about how the Cities’ TIF agreements affect the County levy – if at all?

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