Working from Home; COVID, and Stay at Home

I Am Working From Home

I am working from home and doing work by phone and computer.  I care about the county and the people who need county services. The County’s Essential Services are continuing.  Planning for Recovery and reestablishment of full services are also taking place.  See video: Gregg Working From Home

Current Count of COVID19 cases:  21 Cases in Olmsted, 287 in Minnesota.  

(The Southeast Testing site (see March 24 video) tested 107 people yesterday.)  However, the 21 cases are only the ones confirmed by testing, there are other who may have contracted COVID19 but are not confirmed.  The test kits are still limited so everyone is not being tested.  Doctors at Mayo and Olmsted Medical Center must be consulted before people are being tested.  (See the March 24 update for more information.)

The Governor issued Executive Order 20-20 yesterday.

This is a Stay At Home message which goes into effect at midnight Friday and is scheduled to end April 10.  This will slow down the spread of the COVID19 virus.  People can still go to the grocery store, pharmacy, and get necessary supplies and services, traveling to and from employment in jobs that have been exempted.  Slowing the spread of this virus is important so that our health care system, hospital rooms, nurses, and doctors will not be overwhelmed.

The Stay At Home Order will stay in place until at least April 10.  

The closure of restaurants, movie theaters, hair solons, etc., will remain closed until at least May 1.

As a preventative measure, Olmsted is identifying places where additional care sites and triage needs can take place.

The Homeless are being attended to.  Currently the Mayo Civic Center along with the County’s Homeless Warming site is being used.  The County Continues to identify and prepare for additional living quarters in they event they are needed.

Essential Services Continue

County Employees continue to serve the public and meet their needs.  County residents can use the HOTLINE for food, housing, and other essential services that are needed by community members due to COVID19 and other community restrictions.

Hotline Number:  507-328-6150

Web Address:

Rochester Public Schools

It is my understanding that public schools will start with distance learning on April 6.  They will not be opening buildings at least until May 5.  In the meantime, the district is delivery meals to students.  On March 23 and 24, 4,400 meals were delivered students.

The County’s Business Continues

Under the Emergency Declaration, the County Board is meeting when necessary by Distance technology.  County Board members are kept apprised of county activities and are still making decisions that keep the county working.

Unfortunately, some services that were performed in public spaces will remain closed through at least through May 1.  Services are scheduled to begin again on May 4.  This includes the driver’s license renewal, passport applications, and Property Real Estate and Licensing.  I do not know at this time the state rules on changes around expired driver’s licenses.  I will provide that information when it becomes available.

Road Construction Improvements have Begun

Transportation contractors are exempt from the Stay at Home Order; reconstruction of County Road 9 has begun.  Other road projects will also start on time.

Everyone is Helping Getting Through This

During this difficult time, stay at home, keep doing what you can to stay safe and sane.