Where to Vote on November 3rd, COVID Assistance, Soil Health, & Watershed Grant

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Voting for the November 3 Election 

(see also: https://www.co.olmsted.mn.us/prl/elections/Pages/default.aspx )

  • There are three ways that you can vote for the November 3 National Election:
  • You can vote on Election Day at your polling place
  • You can vote early by mail with absentee ballot
  • You can vote early in person with an absentee ballot.  You can do this at the Olmsted County Elections office (2122 Campus Drive SE)

I voted in person at the Elections office.  The process is secure and moved fast.  I found the elections employees very courteous and helpful.  To learn more about how the mail-in and in-person ballots are kept secure and counted you can view this video: https://www.youtube.com/embed/QlYGmsLHpnk?rel=0

Local Small Businesses and Non-Profits received Assistance from Olmsted County

Because of COVID, small businesses and non-profits lost revenue.  The County Board wanted to help small businesses keep their doors open and wanted to help non-profits so they could continue to serve the people of the county. Olmsted County received CARES Act funds from the Federal Government that was distributed to the counties through the state of Minnesota.  A portion of this money was allocated for small business and non-profit agency relief — $4 million for small businesses and $1 million for non-profit agencies.  Olmsted county contracted with Rochester Area Economic and Development, Inc. to distribute the small business grants and the Rochester Foundation to distribute the non-profit agency grants.  I voted in favor of this $5million to help our businesses and non-profits.  If you wish to view how the money was distributed you can go here:  https://www.co.olmsted.mn.us/news/Pages/SmallBusinessAndNon-ProfitRecipientsSelectedForOlmstedCountyCARESActGrantPrograms.aspx

Olmsted County is Concerned about our Soil Health

The County has a Soil and Water Division that works with the Agriculture industry to maintain our soil resource.  On September 23, our soil and water staff attended the Soil Health Farm tour sponsored by Minnesota Department of Agriculture and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.  Soil and Water Conservation is a big part of the responsibilities of Olmsted County.  I support their efforts and appreciate the staff that work to protect our soil and water resources.

Small Watershed Focus Program

The South Branch of Cascade Creed (which flows into Olmsted County from the west, flows through Rochester, and joins the Zumbro just West of the Silver Lake dam) will receive a watershed grant.  Olmsted will be working with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to develop a watershed plan that will include everything from eliminating pollution sources and reducing sediment to monitoring the water quality in Cascade Creek.  Work on the Cascade Watershed to improve the water quality was begun about a year ago.  This grant will help provide resources to complete the work and insure good conservation practices are employed.



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