Updates on: Century Heights, Foster Care Provider Needs, Highway 101, Homesteading, County Land Use, and Redistricting

Welcome Century Heights!

At the end of October I went door to door visiting with the residences residing at Century Heights.  This new apartment complex recently opened.  I visited the new residents to County District 3 and answered their questions about county government. Welcome to District 3!  Thank you for your hospitality.  I enjoyed meeting you

Foster Care Providers Needed

There are several Types of foster care providers needed in Olmsted County:  emergency shelter, family foster care, resource family homes, and respite care.

If you would like to know more about becoming a foster care provider, you can participate in an information session on the child foster care provider licensing process.  You will learn about what is involved and what to expect when becoming a foster, adoptive, or kinship provider.  The next information session is Monday, November 15 from 1-4:30.  The session is virtual, and a link will be emailed to you following  registration.

For information you can also contact the Olmsted County Child and Family Services Program Manager, Christina Harvey at Olmsted County.

Improvements to County Road 101 has Started

County Road 101 is the most traveled gravel road in the county.  It provides a connection between County Road 1 and the Shoppes on Main.  I supported making this project a priority.  Culvert and bridge work has begun.  The picture shows work being done at the new intersection of St. Bridgets Road and 48th Street (by Loew’s and the Subaru Dealership.  In Spring 2022 the road will be rebuilt to accommodate wider shoulders.  In 2023 the road will receive a concrete surface.

Are you Homesteaded?

December 31, 2021 is the deadline to file for homestead for property taxes payable in 2022.  If you have purchased a new home last year and did not claim it as a homestead or if you purchased a home in 2021 find out how to establish homestead status.  Contact the County Assessor office to file a homestead application or to find out if you qualify:  call 507.328.7670.

Olmsted County Land Use Plan

Olmsted County has been reviewing and updating the County Land Use Plan.  You can find out about the proposed changes at this website which is scheduled to be available early in December:  https://www.olmstedcounty.gov/business/building-develoopment-gis/planning-land-use-zoning/land-use-planning

The public will be asked to comment on the proposed plan; all comments will be recorded.

Redistricting and Public Involvement

Printed toolkits about redistricting are being developed by the city and county.  The toolkits will have a public comment section at the end.  A limited number of kits will be available at the Government Center, Rochester City Hall and the Rochester Public Library; small cities in the county will also receive some toolkits.

Listening sessions with the City and County are scheduled for November 30, December 11, and December 16.  There will also be some listening sessions in January.  Community members can share their public comments at these sessions; a total of 16 speaking spots will be open at each meeting.  People wishing to speak will need to register in advance.  Detailed information will be posted on the Olmsted County website soon.  (www.co.olmsted.mn.us )

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