Updates! County Road 9, Human Service Workers, Diversity and Inclusion, and Masks


County Road 9 (College View Road) Roundabout Update

The Roundabout and the College View Road from East Circle Drive to the roundabout will be open in about two weeks. Construction will then begin West of the roundabout to the intersections by Olmsted Community Hospital.  Construction will also begin on Silver Creek Road which goes to the recycling center.  Please note that this will create traffic delays to get to the trash and recycling center.  Please plan ahead to avoid busy times.  The construction on Silver Creek Road will take a minimum of 3 weeks.

See June 30th video.


Olmsted County Will Increase the Number of Human Services Workers that work with the Sheriff’s Dept. and Rochester Police Department

I voted to increase the number of Human Services workers that will be embedded with the Law Enforcement Team. Human Service workers with Social Work and Criminal Justice background will now be available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to accompany law enforcement officers.  The pilot study for this program was very successful.  These Community Outreach workers will provide expertise in dealing with mental illness and domestic disputes.  People in crises can be referred to other county services rather than be sent to the detention center.  This innovative approach is a way to bridge law enforcement, corrections, and social services to help improve the lives of Olmsted residents.  I support this innovative program which I believe will be a model for the rest of the state and the country.  I look forwarded to adding more Community Outreach personnel to this program in the future.


Olmsted County Continues to Improve Diversity and Inclusion

In 2017 the County Board passed a resolution that started the “One Olmsted” program.  The progress the plan has been too slow.  However, I have encouraged giving the program greater priority.  The program recognizes that we have a diverse population in the county and a diverse workforce and that everyone must feel important, included and valued.  The county will use what it learns to insure that our programs are free from institution racism.  Olmsted County will continue to improve to achieve an inclusive workplace and community where all can thrive and obtain the resources needed to achieve success.


Face Mask Now Required in the Public Spaces of all Olmsted County Buildings

Please note that Olmsted will be following Public Health recommendations and will require face masks in all Public Spaces in all Olmsted County Buildings.  According to infection control experts, masks are an effective way to reduce the spread of COVID19.


State Departments Continues to Reduce Funding to Successful Programs

Olmsted has been innovative and successful in developing and delivering efficient and effective programs.  The programs depend on funding from the State.  After building the programs and demonstrating success the State has decided to reduce funding for the programs.  The Safe Harbor Program (to end human trafficking) and Drug Court are examples of the programs that will be reduced in funding.  Please note, that when funds are reduced, the effectiveness of the programs become unsustainable.  I object to these actions by State Department bureaucrats.  There is no financial logic in the practice of recognizing excellence by cutting funding.