Update: Construction Season, Homeless Shelter, Pre-Trial Pilot, and Repairing Steam Lines


Construction Season Has Begun

The preconstruction work on CSAH 5, south of Pine Island, has begun. Here is a link to the aerial view of the project.  You can also view other projects that are scheduled. https://www.co.olmsted.mn.us/pw/roadtransportation/roadconstruction/Pages/default.aspx

Homeless Shelter

Discussions continue on planning a warming shelter for the homeless for next winter.  The County has been working with the city and Mayo on a cost sharing strategy.  A location has not been selected yet.

Pre-Trial Pilot

In January, Olmsted began the pretrial services program.  This is a program that that allows people who cannot afford bail to be released until their trial date.  This program is not for people who have been arrested for violent crimes and is not for people who are deemed a risk to the community.  The pre-trial program does supervise participants.  It saves the county money because there is no jail expense and reserves the jail space for people who have committed violent crimes and would pose a safety threat to the community.  Here is an article that was in the Post Bulletin about the program:  https://www.postbulletin.com/opinion/other_views/travis-gransee-pretrial-program-better-serves-public/article_508a0a74-498b-11e9-b522-5754edb552d7.html

Repairing Steam Lines

The steam line along 4thStreet SE will begin repairs soon. Traffic will be one lane on the eastbound side of the street.  Also expect that some intersections will be closed.