County 104 and Highway 14 Intersection & Warming Shelter


County 104 and Highway 14 Intersection

If you have tried to cross Highway 14 at County Road 104 (60thAvenue)  you know that it is very hazardous.  Highway 14 is a Corridor of Commerce so it carries a lot of commercial traffic.  In addition, great numbers of Mayo clinic visitors use Highway 14.  Traffic is projected to greatly increase.  Olmsted County has been working with our State Legislators to procure funding to fix the congestion and reduce the accidents at this intersection. The county has also been working with the Department of Transportation to receive consideration for funding.  This is a major intersection for local traffic and when improved can take pressure off West Circle drive.  I support the efforts of our county to procure funding and move this project forward.

Here is a nine minute aerial video showing the traffic from 7:00AM – 7:30AM on a weekday.

Warming Shelter

Discussions with the City, Mayo Clinic, and Olmsted county are taking place to share the costs for providing a Warming Shelter for the homeless.  The current plans would include a five-month warm place for the next winter season.  It will take other agencies besides Olmsted County to create a solution for the warming shelter.  I do support helping to fund a warming shelter.  More importantly I support the county’s efforts to continue to work on a housing plan that will eliminate homelessness.