Updates: Measles, Elder Justice, Dementia Resources, Mobility Village



Olmsted Count Public Health is actively working to inform parents of the importance of getting the MMR vaccination (Mumps, Measles, and Rubella) for their children.    Measles can cause serious damage to infants and children.  It is an extremely communicable disease. A couple of weeks ago, two cases were reported in NE Iowa.  I support the county’s vaccination program and urge parents and grandparents to get their children and grandchildren vaccination.  Please also remember that adults can contract the disease and infect other people; adults can also still be vaccinated. Here is some more information on efforts to get everyone vaccinated:  https://www.kimt.com/content/news/Protecting-families-against-measles-outbreak-during-National-Infant-Immunization-Week-509262161.html

Elder Justice Center

On April 25 The Elder Justice Center presented a workshop to deputies from Olmsted and surrounding community Sheriffs’ departments. It was also attended by attorneys from the County Attorney’s office.  The workshop was on learning how to identify elder abuse and pursue criminal proceedings on abusers.  As our population ages, this is a growing problems.  I am pleased to support our Sheriff’s department in their efforts to learn about elder abuse and assist our vulnerable elders.

At least one in ten older Americans experience some form of maltreatment,  according to Attorney General Keith Ellison.  Soon the 65 and over age group will be greater that the Kindergarten to 12thgrade age group.  This is a momentous shift in our demographics.  As populations ages, no one should have to suffer abuse.

To read more see the editorial in the Elk River Star New:  https://www.hometownsource.com/elk_river_star_news/free/editorial-action-must-be-taken-to-protect-vulnerable-elderly/article_c7847348-56f2-11e9-a4d7-33113d337c1a.html

Dementia Resource

As our population ages, we are confronting the issues of dementia and how best to live with someone afflicted by this health issue.  Families have benefited from learning about this affliction and learning about resources that are locally available.  One of those resources is the Southeast Minnesota Area on Aging Agency.  Here is a link to their newsletter which list some resources to learn about caring for family with dementia.


Mobility Villages and the Seneca Site

The DMC plans include reducing the number of cars in the downtown DMC Zone. The plan also includes requiring commuters to park out of the downtown area and then transferring to a bus or light rail to downtown.  The parking areas outside of downtown are now called Mobility Villages because the plan is that the parking area may also include retail space and housing.

The West Mobility Village will be on Second Street on a Mayo Clinic lot that is currently being used for employee parking.  The South Mobility Village has been identified as “at the North end of Graham Park.”  The County Board was very firm when informing the DMC representatives that the South Mobility Village will be on the Seneca site.  I support the Seneca site and believe that Graham Park should not be disturbed or reduced in size by DMC.