DMC, Mobility Village, Circulator, and Graham Park

The current route of the circulator has been a Broadway designation.  This will require two lanes (one north and one south) dedicated to only the Circulator Bus traffic.  This will leave only two lanes (one north and one south) for truck and car traffic.  It is my understanding that this could change; however, it will be up to DMC Board.  I am hopeful that before the final decision is made that there will be discussions among representatives from the city, county, DMC Board, and DMC Economic Development Committee.  I believe much more discussion is needed and much more information sharing is needed.  The residents of Rochester will greatly benefit from more inter-agency discussions.

Here are renderings of the current possibilities for the Mobility Village (where the parking ramp will be located and possible commercial and housing enterprises will be located).  I have labeled the sites 1, 2, and 3.  To orient the picture, please note the North is to the left.  Downtown is also to the left.

Number 2 and 3 place the parking ramp on the Seneca site.

I support the Seneca site and do not support using any of Graham Park for the DMC mobility village and parking ramp.

Reasons why I support the Seneca site:

  1. Preserves Graham Park space for the community
  2. More residents live within walking distance and can access the bus route
  3. Three potential commuter routes from the east, west and south can access the site
  4. It lends itself to commercial development
  5. The development of the Seneca site will not delay the transformation of Graham Park.
  6. Canadian Pacific spur that is adjacent to Seneca can be developed as a transit trolley line and potentially remove the need for dedicated bus lanes on city streets.
  7. The Seneca site will anchor and energize commercial development along 3rdAve SE south of 12 street.
  8. The Seneca site provides alternatives to the circulator route that may be necessary in the future to reduce congestion on Broadway and provide access to other important venues such as Mayo Civic Auditorium.
  9. It is a better site for an eventual bus terminal for residential riders who do not need or want to go downtown.
  10. The Seneca site will preserve the legacy left by Dr. Graham’s family; it will serve more than Mayo Clinic employees; it will serve the residents of the city and county while preserving the Graham Park for use by Rochester and County residents.