Feedback for Bonding Projects & Community Warming Center Construction Update


Olmsted County is seeking your help to advance our Bonding Projects

State officials pay attention to public feedback on local government bonding requests.  Olmsted is asking for bonding on three projects:

  1. Graham Park Regional Multi-Purpose Expo Building.  This will anchor the renovations at Graham Park and upgrade the fairgrounds.
  2. Proposed Interchange at County Road 104 and Highway 14.  This much needed interchange will remove the dangers of crossing Highway 14 while enhancing the flow of traffic.  The bonding request is for money for planning the interchange and buying right of way.
  3. Material Recovery Facility.  This is a facility that is needed at the Trash Burner site (Waste to Energy Facility).  It will sort the trash and take out recyclables before it goes into the burner.  This will allow the County to get more revenue from material than can be recycled, reduce the ash from burning, and delay having to add another burner.  This facility, if funded, would be built at the Waste to Energy site.  The bonding is for planning the facility.

To support these projects you can go to

Rochester Community Warming Center

The construction of the warming center is almost finished.  It is currently scheduled to open in Mid-December.  Catholic Charities has hired a full-time warming center coordinator and three night-shift managers to operate the facility.  If you would like to donate to sustain the warming center operations you can contact Catholic Charities at: