Bond Rating, Bonding Tour, Oronoco Flood Cleanup, Steamline Repair


Olmsted County Received Triple A Rating!

Olmsted County received the TripleA bond rating from both Moodys and Standard and Poors rating service.  This is the highest rating one can receive. This is a really big deal in the finance world.  Very few counties receive this rating.  It means that the county’s finances are in very good order and the way the county budgets its money is solid.

This rating is important because it means that it costs less when the county takes on big projects that requires a bond (a way to loan money).  It also means that it lowers the tax burden to pay back the bond compared counties that have a bond rating less than TripleA.   This great rating reflects well on how the county is run and how the commissioners make financial decisions.  I will continue to watch over the county’s budget and will remain a fiscally conservative and responsible.

Bonding Tour

The House of Representatives Bonding Committee was in Rochester on October 22.  Olmsted County presented information on the Bonding needs for Graham Park and Highway 14/County Road 104 interchange.

Oronoco Flood Cleanup

On October 12, Olmsted County and many volunteers participated with the Pollution Control Agency to clean up the Zumbro River downstream from an Auto Salvage site.  Here is some of what was taken out of the river and the site:

About 300 tires

10 cubic yards of trash

1 – 50 gallon drum of solvent

1 – 5 gallon bucket of oil/water mixture

1 – 40 pound Natural Gas Cylinder (empty)

Many thanks go to the volunteers who participated.

Steam Line Repair

The steam line repair along 4th street should be completed by mid-November.