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Volunteer Drivers Needed

If you have time and want to help, please know that volunteer drivers provide a great service to the people living in the county.  Clients of Olmsted County, who do not have transportation, need help getting to and from appointments which include:  medical, treatment centers, visitation meetings, parenting classes, and other important appointment.  For more information see:  https://www.olmstedcounty.gov/government/county-news-events/county-news/volunteer-drivers-needed-olmsted-county


Southeast Regional Crisis Center (SERCC)

The SERCC is opening.  This has been a long process to get a Mental Health crises available to people in Olmsted County and the 10 counties that are partners in the construction and operation of the facility.  The facility will serve all ages.

The SERCC is operated by Nexus Family Healing and will accept all types of mental health crisis regardless of financial or insurance status.  Olmsted County and the 10 participating counties received $5million from the state.  The state allocated about $30 million for 7 crises centers to be built in various parts of the state.  The SERCC is the first one to be completed.  Olmsted County has a Crisis Response system; the SERCC is a much needed addition to that system.

The crisis hotline is 844-274-7472.



Because of the recent outbreaks of the Delta strain of COVID and the number of Breakthrough Covid infections, Olmsted County will not require masking inside all County Buildings.  The vaccination rate in Olmsted County is very good but until everyone is vaccinated we will be living with disease for a long time.


County Fair


The weather cooled down a bit for the Olmsted County Fair.  Unfortunately, one of the shows was canceled because of rain.  For the most part, the weather cooperated.  The fair is held at Graham Park (the County Fair Board runs the fair; Olmsted County provides space and buildings at Graham Park to Fair Board for about two weeks every year).  I attended the fair with my granddaughter this year.  She had great fun milking the “cow.”  She was fascinated with the baby ducks and chicks.  She tried to muster up some bravery to pet the piglet.  The fair is great family fun.

American Rescue Plan Act.  (ARPA)

One of the silver lining of the pandemic is ARPA.  This is money from the Federal Government to states and local governments to repair damage caused by the pandemic.  Olmsted County received about $30million dollars.  I am pleased that the County Board did their due diligence on what to do the ARPA funds and put together a plan that responsibly committed the funds to create a plan that will benefit the county for many years into the future.  About the half of the money will be used for housing.  I supported the plan.

In approximate numbers, here is how the funds are being used:

  • $5,000,000      to help families with modest incomes to build a home
  • $10,000,000    for more affordable places to live.  This money will be given to the Housing coalition that will pool it with other donation to create social housing, apartments, and or housing for low-income families.
  • $1,000,000      to buy a building for transitional housing
  • $100,000         to repair and refurbish the building currently being used as the overnight homeless shelter.
  • $420,000         for workforce training.
  • $120,000         for truancy prevention to fund a county liaison to work with the county school districts and to help provide mental illness assistance.
  • $120,000         for school nurses to prepare for the 21-22 school year
  • $500,000         for the county attorney’s office to hire personnel to assist in processes the backlog of court cases that have built up during the pandemic.
  • $1,200,000      for Oxbow Park reconstruction
  • $500,000         for to upgrade a community sewer districts in a low-income neighborhood.
  • $10,800,000    yet to be allocated.

County Board Provides City Lots for Low Income Housing

When the county receives land through Tax Forfeiture it can provide the land to Housing and Rehabilitation (HRA) to be used for low-income homes or it can be sold to non-profits that build low-income housing.  To keep make sure that homes can be affordable, the County Board lowered price of lots designated for HRA to $1,000.  It is hoped that the city will also help keep homes built on these lots affordable by reducing the sewer and water hookup fees.  I supported lowering the costs of the five lots that are designated for HRA or non-profit organizations.

Rabies Vaccination Clinics For Your Dog, Cat, or Ferret.

Olmsted County in partnership with local veterinarians is hosting the 63rd annual rabies vaccination clinics on Wednesday, August 25.  The cost for the vaccination is $20.  Cash only.  For more information and the locations and times of the clinics please go to the County Website:  https://www.olmstedcounty.gov/government/county-news-events/county-news/Olmsted-County-hosting-rabies-clinics-in-August?utm_content=&utm_medium=email&utm_name=&utm_source=govdelivery&utm_term=

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