Updates: Transportation, Lake Zumbro Update, and Building Better Roads


Long Range Transportation Plan

Olmsted County is required to update its Long Range Transportation Plan every five years.  The LRTP must include the entire county and have a twenty year horizon. The plan will guide future development of the transportation system, establish a framework for the investment that will be needed, balance the maintenance of the current system with expansion and improvement, and it is required to receive Federal transportation dollars. (Please note that this is not about busses and bicycles.  It is about planning where county infrastructure will be needed.

The LRTP will consider estimates of future growth, freight and commercial traffic, preservation of sensitive areas and neighborhoods, safety, and vehicular traffic.  The integration of land use and transportation planning can also be used as an economic tool.  Olmsted County has begun working on the LRTP.  It is a 15-18 month process with a due date of August 2020

If you wish to be a part of a citizens advisory group that will contribute to the planning process you can find opportunities to volunteer on the County’s website or call 507.328.6007 for information, or you can contact me.


Lake Zumbro Improvement

The grading and preparation for the dredged spoils have begun and will be completed this fall.  The lake dredging will start in spring 2019.


A Better Way to Build Roads

Olmsted County will test new road construction technology in 2019. Olmsted will utilize Intelligent Compaction (IC) and Thermo-profiling.

Learn about Intelligent Compaction at:  http://www.intelligentcompaction.com/learn/intelligent-compaction-fundamentals/what-is-intelligent-compaction/

Learn about Thermo-profiling at: http://www.asphaltisbest.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/Intelligent-Compaction-and-Paver-Mounted-Thermal-Profiling-Update.pdf