Updates on: Property Taxes, County Aid, A Minute with Gregg, and More!


Property Values Increased across the State

Property Values increased in Minnesota.  Here is a summary of the property value increases by county.


More Videos on the County Website

Many people prefer the video message on how to get information from a county source.  I have supported efforts to add more video information on Olmsted County’s website.  Here is an example of a recent video that you can find here:  https://www.olmstedcounty.gov/government/about-olmsted-county/contact-us


A Minute with Gregg


Chester Woods Park Adds an Amphitheater!  

This summer and fall, Chester Woods Park will start on the construction of an Amphitheater.  This outdoor facility will host educational and musical events.  It should be completed and ready for use in spring 2023.

Chester Woods Drops Entry Fee

Chester Woods no long requires an entry fee.  All County Parks have no entry fee.  (Rental Fees for camp sites, canoes, etc. are still required.)  I supported the entry fee drop and hope it will encourage more people to visit our County Parks and enjoy nature and a walk in the prairies and woods.

Victim Services

There is more to county work than just roads and family assistance.  One of the lesser known but very important areas is Victim Services.  A group of very dedicated county employees works with victims of assault and violence.  I support this area of work to make our county a safer and better place to live.  Violence to women is a terrible crime and deserve the support that the county provides for victims.  In the past year the victim support team worked with over 500 women affected by violence such as sexual assault, abuse, child pornography, and human trafficking.

$100 Million 

Minnesota Counties carry out the human services as mandated by the state.  To assist counties carry out its mandates, in addition to complying with mandates from the Department of Corrections, the Justice System, and Department of Health, the state should provide direct monetary assistance to counties.  This aid is called County Program Aid (CPA).  Over the past twenty year, the state has reduced county program aid by $100 million (since 2002 and accounting for inflation).  I have worked with the Association of Minnesota Counties, the Metro Inter-County Association, and lobbied directly with our state representatives and senators to restore CPA to the 2002 level.  The CPA is directly related to property taxes.  When the state reduces CPA it shifts the cost of services to the county and property taxes increase.  Restoring the CPA to 2002 levels will help the counties to provide property tax relief.


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