Updates: Living longer, minors buying alcohol, worker shortages, and rising home prices


Live Long and Prosper in Olmsted County

Olmsted County is ranked 43 out of the top 50 counties where people live the longest.

This according to USA Today.  See the article here:  https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2019/09/06/the-50-counties-where-people-live-the-longest/40072465/


82.24 Years:  Life expectancy in Olmsted County

+6.2% The change in Life expectancy from 1980-2014


This is especially good news because the Life Expectancy is declining on average in the United States.


Nine Businesses in Olmsted County failed a compliance check on Selling Alcohol to Minors

The Olmsted County Sheriff’s office said that nine businesses failed a compliance check. The compliance check is done yearly.  Thirty businesses were checked. The businesses are all outside of Rochester.

Kwik Spirits Liquors – Byron

Frank N Stein Bar – Byron

The Tilted Tavern – Byron

Somerby Golf – Byron

Buddy’s Liquor – Eyota

Neighbor’s Bar and Pub – Dover

Shar’s Country Place – Marion

Kwik Trip North – Stewartville

Strikers Lounge – Stewartville


Worker Shortages Cause Cuts in Services for the Disabled Population

Low Wages and lack of State Support have contributed to the workforce shortage of nurses and workers who have provided services for the disabled. Funding from the State Legislature has not kept up with the needs of the disabled population.  I support increased state funding so that competitive wages and benefits can be made available for people who care for the disabled. Minnesota Direct Care reimbursement rate will increase from $13.53 to $14.17 in 2020 but this is not enough to attract and retain workers in this field.  Wages are a factor in all workforce shortage discussions.


Median Home Price Sale is up $56,000 Since 2015

This is good news if you are selling a house but not so much if you are looking for affordable housing.  The increase in the cost of housing is putting a greater strain on finding affordable housing.  More that 5,000 apartment units have been built since 2014 in Rochester, but only about 1,000 are affordable to people families with 60 percent of area median income (Coalition for Rochester Area Housing).  I continue to support the local Housing and Redevelopment Authority in its efforts to reduce the affordable housing crunch.  In addition, Olmsted County and the Olmsted Housing and Redevelopment Authority continue to work with private and public entities to address the affordable housing situation.