Updates and Positions: June 6th

Budget Review

The Board continues to study the county budget and is meeting with department heads to review efficiencies and personnel issues.


Sheriff’s Office Body Cameras

The Olmsted County Sheriff Deputies are now required to wear body cameras.  One benefit that may come from the cameras is a better understanding of the challenges our deputies encounter.

I supported the purchase and use of body cameras.


Prohibition of Tobacco Products

Tobacco products are now prohibited (except in designated area) on all County grounds and parks. Tobacco use in a private motor vehicle on County property is permitted as long as all of the doors and windows on the vehicle are fully closed.

I supported the tobacco ban.


Transportation Sales Tax

The County Board approved a 1/4% Greater Minnesota Transportation Sales and Use Tax dedicated to the funding of area roads and bridges.

I voted No.

Merchants could begin collecting the tax on July 1st.  (A 1/4% sales tax equals 25 cents on a 100 dollar purchase.  Also, this will not cover all of the road and bridge upgrades that are needed, as a result, many projects will be postponed to later years.)


One Olmsted Equity Resolution Approved

The summary of the resolution that was approved is:

“One Olmsted (in brief) can only be realized with intentional health, social, and racial equity policies for all publicly delivered services.”

I support all the county efforts to treat people fairly and equitably.