Test Your Knowledge on Olmsted County Real Estate!

Real estate is very important to the county. Test your knowledge on the size and impact of the real estate prices on the county!

Welcome to your Olmsted County Real Estate Quiz


How much have property values increased since 2009?

Since 2012 how much has the value of new construction increased in the county?

Of the projected construction values in 2018 what percentage of the total value is residential?

In 2017 what is the average amount paid for houses sold in the county?

How many apartment units have just opened, are under construction, or being planned?

What is the major driver of new construction and rising property values?

Has Olmsted County met the state requirement to review property values?

How many new plats have been recorded so far this year?

How many occupied properties were forfeited and returned to the county?

Which government agency has the authority to create zones for Tax Increment Financing (TIF is a tool that allows a business to build and relieves them of paying property tax on the building for 20 - 30 years).