Major Issues for the County: Boomers Aging

Major issues that require the attention of the County Board:

The lead Baby Boomers have started to retire.  2020 will be a year of note.  2020 is year when people 65 years and older will outnumber school age children.  2020 is also the year when the lead Baby Boomers reach the age of 70.  This is the start of a historical period for the United States and for Olmsted county.  The aging will population will continue to increase until about 2040.  This change in demographics will require service and funding that is currently not in place.  I have attached several sources of information for you to learn about this gigantic growth of older Americans.

Aging Population Susan Brower, State Demographer: download by clicking this link.

The Long Run has become the Short Run:

Growing population of homeless seniors worries housing advocates:

Older drivers:

If you have questions about finding help for insurance, assisted living, long-term care or to report elderly abuse or other questions regarding aging issues try calling the Senior Linkage Line who are aging experts:  800.333.2433 go to: