Foster Care in Olmsted County

There were 121 foster care homes licensed in Olmsted County (57% of those were relative a kinship licenses); 194 children and youth were placed and supported by Olmsted County into these foster homes in 2017.  Olmsted encourages and supports kinship and relatives in becoming foster parents and pre-adoptive parents.  Olmsted is better than the State Average of placing children in homes of kin and relatives:

  • State places 36% of Children in homes of kin and relatives
  •  Olmsted places 44% of Children in homes of kin and relative

Children and youth need stable, loving care.  When parents or guardians an unable to provide safe, stable and loving homes, placement into foster care is a good solution.  Children are reunited when possible. However, foster care can also provide a loving life-long relationship.  Olmsted has five social workers that license foster homes and provide support to foster providers.  They work with community services to provide the best possible outcome for children and families.

I support the efforts of Olmsted County’s foster care program and applaud the foster care parents for doing what they can to provide good homes and health environments for foster children.  If you are interested in becoming a foster parent, please contact Olmsted County Social Services.