COVID-19 in Olmsted County, Construction Season, and Community Corrections

First Case of COVID-19 confirmed in Olmsted County

The first case of COVID-19 has been confirmed in Olmsted County.  A person in their 50’s returned home after being out of the country in an area where there was a COVID-19 outbreak.  The person went to Mayo and was tested.  Mayo knew the person was coming in for testing and took appropriate precautions to distance the person from the general population.  The tests confirmed the person had contracted COVID-19.  According to the news release by Graham Briggs, the Director of Olmsted County Public Health, the person is now at home with mild symptoms and is recovering.  Briggs also said that this was not a case of “community infection” (spread from one community member to another community members) and precautions have been taken to insure that people who may have had contact with the infection have been notified by Public Health.  He also reminded people that Olmsted is well prepared for any possible outbreak.  Here is a link to part of Briggs’ remarks that he made at the Government Center at 1:30 PM today:

Construction Season Begins March 18!

If you travel on County Road 9 (College View Road) please note that Detours will be posted soon.  Construction on County Road 9 is scheduled to begin March 18.

Phase One of construction will create a roundabout at Silver Creek Road and re-construct the four-lane road from Circle Drive to the roundabout.  Phase Two will include the reconstruction of County Road 9 from the roundabout to 19thAvenue at the Olmsted Medical Hospital intersection and the reconstruction of Silver Creek Road that goes to the Waste to Energy facility.  I voted for the funds that are necessary to reconstruct this road that has deteriorated over the years to keep it a four-lane road so that traffic can move rapidly and efficiently.

Olmsted County Video on Community Corrections (Probation) Spreads Nation-wide.

Olmsted County produced a video to explain how DFO community correction (Dodge, Fillmore, Olmsted) services have been changed to a model that has much better outcomes.  Olmsted works jointly with Dodge and Fillmore Counties to provide community correction services. This is another way that Olmsted is ahead of other counties.  I support the role Community Corrections plays in assisting clients to return to productive lives while keeping the community safe.  Here is the video that explains the services: