County Efficiency is reduced because of State Government Computer Failures

Two state computer systems that counties rely on and are required to use are failing.  These “State Information Technology failures are costing taxpayers money [and increased property taxes] through wasted [county] staff time and potentially inaccurate [information]…”  The two computer systems are MNLARS and METS.  MNLARS is the broken, inaccurate, unreliable and expensive state vehicle licensing and registration system and METS is the system that is to determine the eligibility of nearly one million Minnesotans for pubic health care programs such as Medical Assistance and Minnesota Care.  Soon, the Minnesota Department of Human Services will require Olmsted and other counties to use a new computer program (PDM – Periodic Data Match) to check on the eligibility of clients.  However, this program will be released without testing it to see if it actually works.  Additionally, it is layered on top of METS, which is already a failed system.

I agree with other county commissioners that the State must fix existing computer failures before adding new burdens to county governments. To reduce increase efficiency and reduce property taxes, the state must fix these problems.  

To read more about MNLARS, METS and PDM see:  (3/23/18). This article was authored by two county commissioners:  Rhonda Sivarajah (Anoka) and Sheila Kiscaden (Olmsted).