Affordable Homes and Housing Stability

The smartest investment we can make in our state’s future is securing a foundation of strong communities and stable homes for all Minnesotans.  

We thrive when families have a decent place to lay their heads at night…A stable home anchors the ladder for future success.  We thrive when our children have a secure home…Kids are more likely to succeed in school and have better job prospects in the future when they don’t suffer the stress of wondering where they will sleep.  

We all thrive when Minnesotans have strong pathways to building wealth through homeownership.  

We all thrive when we ensure our seniors are integrated into our local communities and can choose a place to live that meets their physical, cognitive and social needs.  (Taken from the Executive Summary of the Governor’s Task Force final report.)

On Tuesday, August 21, the Governor’s Task Force on Housing released its final report. The report included 30 recommendations and 6 goals for more affordable housing in Minnesota.  Sheila Kiscaden (Olmsted County Board) and Mike Paradise (Bigalow Homes of Rochester) were two of 28 Minnesotans appointed by the Governor to serve on the task force.  You can view the final Report at

The Goals identified by the Task Force are:

  1. Commit to Homes as a Priority
  2. Preserve the Homes We Have
  3. Build More Homes
  4. Increase Home Stability
  5. Link Homes and Services
  6. Support and Strengthen Homeownership

Use the link above to read about the goal to build 300,000 new [Minnesotan] homes by 2030 across all types, prices, and locations to stabilize prices and meet demand.