2018 State Legislative Priorities

2018 State Legislative Priorities

1.   Regional Behavioral Health Crisis Program and Permanent Supportive Housing:

Support legislation that strengthens statewide mental health initiatives and address gaps in the current behavior health systems as well as enhances permanent supportive housing options through state bonding.

2.   Graham Park Regional Event Center:

Request $10,000,000 bonding funds that will support enhancements at Graham Park.  This capital investment will be used to make strategic improvements that will help transform Graham Park into a self-supporting venue offering year-round facilities for a wide variety of activities of local and regional interest.

3.   Data Retention:

Urge the Legislature to decline changes to the state’s current Records Retention law as it applies to local governments

4.  Periodic Data Match Field Test:

Support legislation that would require a field test of periodic data matching before full scale implementation to ensure functionality of technology systems.

5.  Tax-Forfeited Property Clean-up Funds:

Support legislation that amends statutes, appropriates funds, and provides direction for clean-up and maintenance expenses counties are required to pay for clean-up of blighted or environmentally contaminated Tax Forfeiture properties.

6.   Senior Citizens Property Tax Deferral Simplification:

Olmsted County requests that the Legislature and Administration work with counties and senior advocacy groups to simplify procedures in MS290B

I supported the 2018 legislative priorities because the Senior Citizens Property Tax Deferral Simplification of MS290B was included.  The complicated nature of this tax provision is a contributing factor explaining why it is not used very often.  Simplifying this tax provision may provide a useful financial alternative for low-income seniors.