Helping Solve Affordable Housing Availability

I have supported partnering with non-profit agencies that have a record of benefiting the community as one alternative to solving the availability of low-cost housing.  I have also supported the county’s ability to  re-possess vacant and abandoned properties.  The county does not take away properties from people, the properties that are returned to the county are because the property owners have abandoned them and wish to no longer pay the taxes on the property.

Through this process, the properties are sold at an amount which non-profit agencies can afford to buy the property and then either refurbish or build a house that can then be used for low income housing.  The property will stay off the tax rolls until it is sold to the new occupants.  Then it will become a contributor to the tax base instead of being a negative hole in the tax base.  See more information:

I support this program because it provides affordable housing, it returns a property to the tax base, and it improves the neighborhood which had to contend with an abandoned house.

Habitat for Humanity, Rochester Area Foundation’s First Homes, and Three Rivers Community Action are the non-profits that the County has worked with.

Neighborhoods should not have to contend with abandoned or vacant houses.  If you know of a house that appears to be vacant or abandoned in your neighborhood please let me know the address and information that you can provide about the property.  You can contact me at my county email or phone number.