Get Your House Ready for Retirement

In an AARP survey, 78% of the people responding said they will continue to live in their home when they aged.

One of the difficulties in living in one’s home as one ages is that the home may not be accessible or safe unless modifications are made.  As we all age, we will all need some home modifications.  A good time to consider making modifications is from age 50 to 60.  One’s house will then be ready for retirement.

The Wilder Foundation in their study on home rehabilitation looked a 16 items that needed to be upgraded to make a home safe and accessible for elderly homeowners:

  1. Install grab bars and hand rails
  2. Shower at floor level
  3. Main floor laundry
  4. Lever door handles
  5. Wider doorways for a wheelchair or walker
  6. Entrance ramp
  7. Stair Railings
  8. Non-slip or level flooring
  9. Lower Kitchen Cabinets and counters for wheelchair accessibility
  10. Bathroom on main floor
  11. Elevator/chair lift
  12. Water Heater
  13. New windows
  14. New roof
  15. New air conditioner
  16. New furnace or Boiler

If you are in the 78% that plan on staying in your house as you age, start thinking about Getting Your House Ready for Retirement.