Affordable Housing in Olmsted County

On December 21, the Rochester Area Foundation announced the creation of the Coalition for Rochester Area Housing.  This is a group of public and and private organizations that want to create affordable housing in the Rochester area.  The Coalition will develop a collaborative community program to acquire, invest, manage, and distribute funds and resources to create and preserve affordable housing.  Mayo Clinic has donated $4,000,000 over the next two years to this Coalition; the Rochester Area Foundation will start fundraising for an additional $2,000,000.

I continue to support affordable housing for low income families and for the low income elderly.  Olmsted can do this by helping to preserve available low income properties, working with other agencies to rehabilitate houses and creating housing for low income seniors.  I support the efforts of Olmsted County to collaborate with other public and private entities to increase the number of available rental units and houses for our low income families and seniors.  I share the frustration of others while waiting for units to be brought on line; however, it is important that careful planning take place so that sustainable affordable housing can be achieved.