2019 Significant Events


Here are some of the Significant Events of 2019.  You can visit the following site to view videos of County Officials reflecting on the 2019 events:  https://www.co.olmsted.mn.us/searchcenter/Pages/results.aspx?k=Reflections%20on%202019

  • Hands-Free cell phone Law became effective.  Other states reduced traffic deaths by 15% with enforcement of the hands-free law.  If the same is true in Minnesota, traffic deaths will fall below 300 for the first time in decades.
  • Pre-Trial release was established and early results are promising.
  • Purchase of the Seneca property for Commuter parking
  • Added Staff to assist with Federal ID rules
  • Started the process to improve the County Website so that people can navigate the website and make it easier to find county services
  • Olmsted County Planning (after 45 years of jointly planning with the city) became a stand-alone department.  The county will focus on local and regional planning and regional transportation.
  • County effectively responded to the 2019 floods to repair roads and bridges to keep traffic flowing
  • Approved a design for improving the Oxbow Nature Center and received a $2.3 million grant to begin phase one of renovations
  • Received a State Grant to build a Mental Health Facility to provide mental health services for a 10 county area
  • Provided Supportive Housing for 3500 clients
  • Opened a warming place for the unsheltered
  • Implemented programs to deal with the root causes of poverty to help clients because independent and self-reliant
  • Simplified the job application for Olmsted County jobs
  • Maintained AAA financial ratings (only 3% of all counties have a AAA rating)