Walking My District

I have completed my walk through District 3.  I have talked with many people and left my web address at all of the houses.  Thank you for the great conversations.  Many people asked my about the boundaries of District 3 so I have included a picture of the District.   I have 9 precincts in my district.  In each precinct I walk takes an average of 29 miles.  That is about 270 miles for the entire District in about 8 weeks.  I usually walk a couple times a week for about 10 miles each time.  Here are some of the comments had:

  • Thank you for your good work
  • I wish the County could stop DMC
  • I am glad that you care about our neighborhood
  • Thank you for working on affordable housing
  • I think Rochester has forgotten about us older people who built this town and Mayo
  • I have no complaints about the County; you do a good job
  • Keep up the good work
  • Thank you for caring
  • Thank you for your service