Updates on: Homeless Shelter Space, Distance Meeting, Drivers Licenses and Passports, and COVID-19


Homeless Shelter Space

In order to maintain Social Distancing requirements, Olmsted County has 40 spaces that include the necessary spacing. In addition, Olmsted is planning for more spaces should they be needed.  The County has created five work groups to address the issue of insuring vulnerable people have housing.  We are also working with our non-profit partners to address this issue.

Distance Meeting

Under State Emergency Laws, the Olmsted Board met this morning through Distance Technology.  The only Item on the Agenda was to officially declare a Medical Emergency in Olmsted County.  I voted declare a county Medical Emergency.

Drivers Licenses and Passports

Olmsted’s Government offices have been closed for any face to face business.  As a result, People who are seeking to renew a drivers license are being referred to the State Department of Public Safety and those seeking a passport are being referred to the Federal Office in the Twin Cities.

Olmsted Public Health following up on Positive Cases

The county has moved employees to assist Public Health staff to follow up on Positive Cases of COVID19.  Part of the County’s effort to protect us from infection is to follow up with people who have tested positive and learn with whom they have been in contact.  Public Health contacts those people who have been exposed and explains that they must stay home so that they do not infect other people.  Fourteen days is the time that someone must stay home to be sure they did not contract the virus.

Another Drive Through Testing Site

The County will soon build a new Drive Through testing site.  It will be staffed by Mayo Clinic and County Employees.  An public announcement of when this facility will be open will be made soon.

What Can You Do?

It is important that everyone minimize their contacts outside of the home.  If you get sick, stay home.  The rest of your family will also have to stay home to insure they are not infected.  Social Distancing is the best way to prevent the spread of this disease.  Washing your hands also helps to make sure your hands have not picked up the virus.

Also, Non-profit organizations need assistance to deal with those who have been affected by this disease.

Stay Home Stay Well.

Staying Home is not Easy

My wife and I have been staying home.  We are experiencing a certain amount of “cabin fever.”  I am sure that everyone is in a similar situation.  We are working on crafts to entertain ourselves.  I have considered cleaning closets and activating some of my abandoned hobbies.  At least the weather is a little dreary so my urge to leave the house is somewhat dampened.  I keep reminding myself to “Hang in there, we will get through this.”