Updates: Omicron in Olmsted County and Solid Waste


Public Health is projecting that the COVID out break has/or will soon reach its peak in Olmsted County.  A rapid decline in cases is projected by the end of the month.  Here are some quick facts from Public Health based on current data:

  • 95.5% of counties in the United States are in a High Status
  • Covid in trending downward on the east coast
  • Deaths are trending upward (from the last few months); the deaths may be due to the Delta variant.  Deaths are mostly those who did not receive a vaccination.
  • Minnesota has now reached 11,000 covid deaths
  • We are currently at the highest Covid rate; new data will tell us if we are continuing upward or beginning to slow down
  • Omicron is very contagious and the huge number of people affected have put a strain on hospitals
  • The number of cases 18 years-old and under is growing
  • There is an increase in longer hospitalizations
  • At-home testing is not reported to the Department of Health so Public Health will look at new data sources to project upturns and downturns in infections.
  • Age 15 years-old and over are now at 54% of having some vaccinations
  • Age 5-11 is at 45% of having some vaccination
  • Public Health is working with schools and other groups to provide vaccination clinics
  • As the threat of Covid diminishes (we are not done with Covid yet) Public Health will continue its programming and services to provide for the “Health of Community”


Solid Waste and Composting Ordinances

Changes to the Solid Waste and Composing Ordinances were approved after the Public Hearing on 1/18.  The ordinances do not affect yard waste.  The ordinances needed to be improved in response to businesses that may want to start composting organics (such as food waste).

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