Test your knowledge: Growth by 2040

Olmsted County is growing by leaps and bounds!

Take the quiz below to test your knowledge on the Planning 2 Succeed 2040 Draft Comprehensive Plan projections over the next 25 years!

Welcome to your Growth Quiz


The number of additional people in Rochester

The number of additional jobs in Rochester Community and Technical College

Addition Housing Units

Total Daytime Population (includes workers and visitors)

Total visitors per year (2/3 of whom are seeking medical treatment)

In 2010 the number of vehicle trips to downtown Rochester was 165,000.  If public transportation, biking, and walking do not increase, what is the projected number of vehicle trips in 2040?

Bonus question:

Identify the approximate Estimated Market Value of property in Olmsted County in 2018: (Source: Olmsted County Property Real Estate and Licensing (PRL))