Recap of 2017


Thank you for your support in 2017. 


Here are some of the Big things that happened in Olmsted County Government

  • Dick Devlin, chief administrator, retired after 49 years of service.
  • Bob Bendzick, chief financial officer, retired after 33 years of service.
  • Safety Screening in the Government Center is one year old.  Over 1,000 weapons were prevented from going past the second floor.
  • Deputies in the Sheriff’s Department were outfitted with body cameras.
  • The County Drug Court celebrated its first year.
  • The One Olmsted equity resolution was approved.  (This resolution set a value that all people are to be treated with equity and fairness/justice which can only be realized with intentional health, social, and racial equity policies for all publicly delivered services.)
  • The Waste to Energy Facility celebrated 30 years of service.  During this time it has disposed of two million tons of garbage and produced steam to heat many downtown building.  This has also reduced the need for landfills.  The facility is also economically self-sustaining; it requires no property tax support.
  • The 55th Street Extension and Broadway Reconstruction Project was completed after 25 years of planning.  This was the largest transportation project seen by Olmsted and totally funded by Olmsted County.
  • Advancements were made in affordable housing.  Through the Tax Forfeited Property Rehabilitation Program, eligible properties became available for non-profits and public entities to build or restore homes for eligible low-income families.
  • Awareness was established for the growing needs of Seniors and of the coming huge population increase of people 65 years and older.
  • The county’s finances were kept in good order; the county retained its AAA bond rating.
  • Plans for improving Graham Park and its future sustainability were begun.
  • The Oronoco dam was removed.
  • The plans for dredging Lake Zumbro were in its final stages.
  • Efficiencies and improvements were gained through the use of data tracking which is resulting in better actions and outcomes for county programs.