New public boat launch at Fisherman’s Inn, County’s COVID response, and public comments for the county

Public Boat Launch is Open at Fisherman’s Inn Location

See the Video: fishermans_inn

The Boat Launch at the Fisherman’s Inn site is open to the public.  The County purchased the Fisherman’s Inn property last year.  At this site is a boat launch.  The former Fisherman’s Inn property will be joined with the already existing White Bridge Fishing Pier County Park and it will be renamed.  The former Fisherman’s Inn site will triple the size of the Park.  The Fisherman’s Inn building is scheduled to be demolished this spring.  The current plans for the improved park will include an expanded picnic area, a canoe and kayak launching site, an upgraded fishing pier, and other amenities will be added.  The County Park Board will finalize plans for the upgrades and when funds are available the upgrades will be installed.  I supported the expansion of this county park and, now that the dredging of Lake Zumbro is complete, it will provide great outdoor recreation for county residences of all ages.


The County Continues to Provide Stable and Reliable Service

Please know the County is still working in spite of the difficulties that COVID 19 has created.  To attend to the COVID 19 crises, employees have been assigned to duties that assist with county responses to COVID 19.  The needs of the County continue to be met.  The County remains a consistent and reliable source of services to the community.  Here is a partial list of the actions the county has taken:

  • Monitored the spread of the disease and put into place measures to control further outbreaks
  • Assisted community members who have tested positive to ensure their needs are met while they recover and they remain in isolation while recovering
  • Worked with Mayo and Olmsted Medical to operate the testing site at Graham Park
  • Worked with the State government to prepare overflow hospital sites, should they be needed
  • Distributed essential services to those who need food, shelter, medical care mental health services and other basic necessities during this time

The County is making significant changes to continue to serve the public including the following:

  • Most transactions in services such as public assistance, planning and well permits, and property records can be completed online, by telephone, or through the mail
  • The physical layout of public spaces are being modified and safety precautions are being planned to ensure physical distancing and safe practice are observed at sites such as the Recycling Center and Driver’s License Service
  • Operating differently when providing services such as probation and Adult Detention Center.

Additionally, the County Board has taken the following actions:

  • Delayed late fees and interest on Property taxes until July 15
  • Delayed the filling of vacant positions
  • Postponed several projects scheduled to start in spring of 2020

I continue to monitor the activities of the County and continue to vote in the best interest of the people of District 3 and the county.


How to Make Public Comment on County Meetings

The COVID 19 medical emergency has created difficulties how the county can meet by distance.  Public Comments are still invited.  The County’s website has provided information on how Public Comment can be made.  Here is the link: