Levies and Surrounding Counties’ Levies

Compare the preliminary levies set by surrounding counties.  

Before levies are set in December, each county sets a preliminary levy. The county finance department then develops a budget based on the values and goals set by the Board of Commissioners.  Because of the growth in Olmsted county, the levy amount will be spread out over more houses and more buildings.  The department of Property Real Estate and Licensing will set individual homeowner property taxes.  A simple way to understand a very complex process is to determine the value of all the property, houses, and buildings (which includes existing real estate and all of the new houses and buildings) and divide that into the levy amount.  Depending on the assessed value of a property, the actual of property tax may not be a 4.9% increase.

Factors that impact the levy include but are not limited to:

  • cost of personnel
  • insurance
  • unfunded mandates from the State and Federal governments
  • reporting requirements that will require more personnel and equipment to produce
  • services that once were performed by the State or Federal government but have been shifted to the county
  • services that must be provided but do not receive funding from the State
  • increased cost of materials and equipment that the county needs to perform its responsibilities.

Here is a list of the preliminary levies from the surrounding counties:

  • Dodge       5.0%
  • Fillmore    3.49%
  • Freeborn   4.8%
  • Goodhue   9.7%
  • Houston    6.94%
  • Mower       10.32%
  • Olmsted    4.9%
  • Rice            5.77%
  • Steele         5.0%