Updates on: SERCC, Road Work, Chester Woods Park, License Renewel

Construction on Southeast Regional Crisis Center

The SERCC will provide mental health assessment, intervention and stabilization services to individuals living in 10 southeast Minnesota counties.  Construction will start soon.  The money comes from Legislative bonding.  The construction is expected to be completed Spring 2021.

The County Work on Roads Continues

See Video: Culvert / Road Work

A major part of the County Budget is for road maintenance.  As part of the maintenance the county needs to be sure that proper drainage takes place so that the roadways and ditches do not wash out.  The video shows culvert work being done on County Road 124 (65th Street NE).

The Housing and Rehabilitation Administration (HRA) Board to continue the Warming Center at Mayo Civic Center through June 30.

COVID 19 has disrupted many county operation including housing the homeless.  Non-profits such as The Women’s Shelter and Dorothy Day house, in the past, have housed many of the homeless and families.  However, since COVID 19, these non-profits have ceased to operate leaving no other choices for the homeless.  I voted for a one month extension of using the Civic Center to give allow for more time to make other less expensive housing alternatives.   Temporary housing is an emergency; it is my goal is to provide permanent housing.  To provide permanent housing we must build or buy housing.  When we use our funds for the temporary shelter at the civic center, we are spending money that we will then not have to create permanent housing.  The HRA does not have unlimited funds and we cannot raise taxes to increase funds.  I am hopeful that the State will reimburse the county as part of the CARES act so that the HRA depleted funds can be restored.

New Bridges Installed at Chester Woods Park

See video: Chesterwoods

It is a great time to visit one of the County Parks.  Fresh air and exercise helps to calm anxiety and restore the human spirit.  At Chester Woods two new bridges have been installed to enhance the trail hiking experience.  Olmsted has great parks.  Lots to explore and experience.

Getting Your License Renewed Made Easier and Faster.

See video: DMV

The County’s License Renewal Service is now open.  To ensure that you do not have stand in line and wait, the county has started a reservation system.  To make your reservation go to:  https://webapp.co.olmsted.mn.us/PRLOnlineCheckin/

Taking Care of your Business will go much faster.