I Will Run For a Second Term. I Care.

Thank you to all the residents in District Three for your support.  I am announcing that I will run for a second term and will file for election in May.  I care about Olmsted County and its residences.  Through my website I have kept you informed on important County Issues and how I have voted on them.  I have encouraged and supported efforts the county has made to increase efficiency, reduce cost, and continue to serve the needs of the people.  I have voted for more low-income housing and rent subsidies.  I have insured the homeless are cared for.  During this COVID 19 episode I have supported delaying projects to conserve the budget.  I have consistently supported a lean county budget.  I will appreciate your vote in the future so that I can continue to watch over the finances of the County and continue to serve the needs of the people of Olmsted County.

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