Opioid Updates – Suing Opioid Manufacturers

Olmsted County will join other counties in Minnesota and other states in a lawsuit claiming damages caused by opioid makers and distributors. The opioid epidemic is growing public health problem across the nation. The damages involve the costs that are associated with dealing with the epidemic and the emergency application of injections (of Naloxone) to prevent deaths from overdoses.  The overdose kits are not carried by the Sheriff’s department.  For more information see: Post Bulletin 11/22/17 article http://www.postbulletin.com/news/local/olmsted-county-joins-efforts-to-sue-opioid-makers/article_77df6ed4-6550-57d1-aaf5-4ca14901df22.html


 I supported the action to have the county join in this lawsuit.

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